Geraci Siculo is a town in the province of Palermo, which is part of the Parco delle Madonie and is included in the club of the most beautiful towns in Italy.
The name of Greek origin Jerax, in Italian Vultures derives from the ruins of the Castle of Ventimiglia, fortified place, as impenetrable fortress overflown once by birds of prey; Geraci Siculo has an urban medieval structure with narrow, winding streets that recall the Arab architecture.
Among the major monuments, there is the Castle of Ventimiglia of which remain today only a few ruins and the main church Santa Maria Maggiore, built in the late Middle Ages with its majestic bell tower.
Inside there are two sculptures of the "Madonna" of the century XVI and an extraordinary treasure, with numerous works of sacred gold of the century XIV-XVIII.

You should also visit The Bevaio of the Holy Trinity, the Church of St. Bartholomew (with marble work of the Gagini), the Church of St. Mary of the door with a side portal of 1496 and the Church of San Giuliano with the monastery of the Benedictine .
The patron saint of the country is San Bartolomeo and on August 24 is celebrated the important feast in his honor.
Other important events include the Holy Cross Day (May 3) with a procession of the faithful and distribution of blessed bread, the festival of transhumance, to promote one of the oldest pastoral activity practices, the carvaccata of Vistiamara which takes place every seven years (the next will be held in 2018) and the Giostra dei Ventimiglia (3 days in the first week of August), with traditional chivalric games and parades in the fourteenth century period costumes, medieval representations and performances by high school horses.

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