Listed as a UNESCO World Geoparks and set in 1989, it includes fifteen municipalities in the province of Palermo.
It includes the Madonie mountain range, situated on the northern coast of Sicily, between the course of Imera and Pollina rivers.
The Madonie Mountains reach two thousand meters high, with central areas of limestone and clay-sandy nature of outlying areas. Numerous rivers and streams carry water from mountain to sea. The largest river, about 30 km long, originates in a mountainous area of
​​just under a thousand meters altitude.
From the geographical point of view, the territory can be divided into three areas: the northern Imera valley, the southern Imera valley, the Salso, and the Pollina valley. The most natural areas of the Madonie are covered by forests, scrub and rich pastures of herbaceous and shrubby plants.
There are several species of unique plants Madonie or Sicily as Abies Nebrodensis and the Nebrodi Astragalus, shrub-shaped spiny cushion that can also be found above 1200 meters.
Madonie mountains are covered with evergreen and deciduous forests. The most common species are the holm oak, downy oak, cork oaks, holly, oak and beech.
As wildlife, we can find foxes, weasels, porcupines, hares, wild rabbits, martens, titmice, red woodpeckers, peregrine falcons and the queen of heaven, the golden eagle, whose wingspan exceeds two meters.
For several years, the Madonie populations are faced with the proliferation of a hybrid of wild boar, the result of an intersection between a wild boar and a domestic pigs. Compared to a common boar, a “Suido”, as it has been baptized, it has greatly increased in size (some specimens can weigh 80 kilos).
Important are the cultivation of the core, developed in the territory of Polizzi Generosa, the manna from the ash, exclusive of the campaigns of Castelbuono and Pollina, the typical mushroom “Basilisco”.
Interesting are the walking or riding through woods and trails along the paths of transhumance and spacious royal streets

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